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2020 Sunrise/Sunset Calendar

Available Now!


For The Love of The Sun

Sunrises and Sunsets

all over Long Island.

This calendar showcases some of the many 

beautiful sights that Long Island has to offer!


This calendar also serves as an example of

why we all need to take better care of our environment. To preserve the natural beauty as exhibited in this calendar

Will be sold through

through the link below


S.C. L.I. N.Y.

Sea Cliff Photo Book

Creative Photojournalism

style photo book 

about the identity

of Sea Cliff, New York

Will be sold through

through the links below

Camera Print

Black and White, Macro

SKU #1000_02

8.5" x 11"



Candle Print

SKU #1000_01

8.5" x 11" 


Vine Row Borderless Print

SKU ​#1000_07

11" x 14" 




Guitar Borderless Print

Black and White, Macro

SKU ​#1000_03

11" x 14" 



Shells on Rock Print

SKU #1000_05

8.5" x 11" 



Vine Knot Borderless Print


SKU #1000_06



Other sizes available upon request.

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