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Welcome to my website and allow me to introduce myself.


I am a native New Yorker, having lived on Long Island most of my life. 

Growing up, I had a passion for the arts and that translated into taking as many art classes as I could throughout my primary school days.


When I was finally able to take photography classes, I quickly fell in love with the dark room and film photography. I loved this process so much, that I ended up interning with the photography teacher my senior year; She had become my mentor and encouraged me to pursue photography as a career. This led to my attending Delaware College of Art and Design to get an Associate’s Degree of Fine Arts specializing in Photography.


I would describe my photographic style as classic with artistic flare.

High contrast photos that create drama and intrigue are something I am passionate about; To me these kinds of photos feel more engaging, and will not casually fade into the background.

I also enjoy creating light and airy photographs, but not so light that they feel as if there is no substance. 


Each moment of a photoshoot defines the feeling behind the images; I pride myself in highlighting these feelings, and bringing them

to life in the final image. 


Every image tells a story, and I want to help tell yours.


My artist background aids in my event planning skills, in that I want to help create a unique and aesthetically pleasing event that fits my client’s persona and the emotions or vibes they want to convey.


I am a big DIY-er in my personal life, and enjoy a challenge when creating something new for my clients. With a wide variety of artistic skills and creative processes, I haven’t found a project that I can’t fully immerse myself into and create a beautiful product.


I love what I do. Being able to help my clients ease their stress and frustration, whether it be as a photographer or an event planner, is a wonderful experience for me that is very fulfilling. In every part of my business, I try to be as ecologically friendly as possible and give back to causes that matter whenever I can.


When planning dog parties, if there are extra homemade treats, I bring them to local shelters so that they don’t go to waste and so that the animals in shelters feel love that they rightfully deserve. 


I look forward to meeting new clients, and getting to know them so I can provide the best product or service I can that fits who they individually are.


So, send me a message and let’s get started! 

- Emily

I work in the New York Metro Area

New York:

Brooklyn, Manhattan, Nassau/Suffolk County, Queens, Rockland County, 

Staten Island, The Bronx, Westchester County

Northern New Jersey

Western Connecticut

Contact me to set up a consultation, ask for more information,

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